How to make smoothies

If you have not tried smoothies, you lose a lot! This simple drink has a lot of useful qualities and properties. Firstly, smoothies do not harm the figure and at the same time saturate the body with vitamins. Secondly, making a cocktail of fresh vegetables and fruits is so simple that even an inexperienced amateur culinary can. Do you even know what a smoothie looks like? Having seen this “gentle” thick mix, painted in a pleasant orange, pink or pale green hue, I just want to drink it! Today, there are more than a hundred recipes for making smoothies that can be realized even at home. Having mastered the practice of creating this drink, you definitely will not resist and include in your daily menu (breakfast, dinner or snack) some kind of smoothie option. Remember: this incredibly healthy fruit and vegetable mousse can even be prepared on the go! That is, it does not take much time - a maximum of 15 minutes. And the products for this masterpiece of modern cooking can be found in every refrigerator or in the nearest supermarket.

How to make smoothies at home

Choose products
To begin with, what is needed to prepare a delicious nutritious mix of fresh vegetables and fruits. Be sure to have at hand 1-2 types of berries, fruits or vegetables. It all depends on what kind of smoothie recipe you like. At home, you can cook any kind of smoothie:

  1. fruit;
  2. berry;
  3. fruit and berry;
  4. vegetable;
  5. dried fruit cocktail.

The following products are placed in this magnificent mousse: milk, yogurt, kefir, cream, ice cream, green tea, juice, spicy herbs, nuts. In fact, you can put anything in a smoothie. But there is one condition - the ingredients must be fresh, and preferably of plant origin. Although there are products containing animal fats, such as milk, kifir, yogurt. Such additives as coconut, soy milk, tofu cheese, citrus fruits are very popular when creating a vitamin cocktail.
The following herbs can be used as the final “note”: mint, thyme, arugula, spinach. Spicy additives also do not hurt: coconut, grated nuts, dried berries, quinoa, citrus zest.
And they say that in order to cook a smoothie at home, you definitely need a blender. Immediately open the secret: optional! More about this later.

How to make a smoothie a hand blender

Consider the classic version of making smoothies at home with a blender. Suppose you have a hand blender at hand and the necessary set of products. With this device you can grind almost everything. If a special measuring cup is attached to the blender, then this is super! Making smoothies such a hand blender is easy. It is necessary to load all the components of the recipe into the tank and turn on the desired grinding speed. If for some reason there is no special bowl, and there is only a blender without a protective container, making a smoothie is also easy. To do this, it is important to choose the right dishes. It is best to choose a plastic container with high walls for these purposes. The fact is that in the process of grinding the mass can be sprayed, and this is unpleasant. To create a smoothie with a hand blender, you can choose:

  1. plastic measuring bucket;
  2. plastic jar;
  3. a bowl.

It is important that the dishes cover the sides of the base of the working part of the blender and hold the required amount of food. If the submersible blender has a low power, do not experiment with whole nuts and large pieces of vegetables and fruits. For grinding hard and large components, it is worthwhile to prepare. Vegetables and fruits should be cut into small pieces, the nuts are slightly crushed with a knife. Sometimes it is easier to grind too coarse mass by adding a little liquid component. Submersible blender allows you to adjust the level of pressure. This, of course, can be called a plus. After all, you can make a cocktail by adjusting the intensity and power of grinding the ingredients.

How to make smoothies in a blender

Consider a detailed smoothie recipe in a blender. In this case, we will not focus on the type of unit. The blender bowl and submersible appliance are not too different in application. There is a difference in the principle of bookmarking products, but the essence remains the same.

How to make smoothies without a blender

It also happens that the kitchen is not equipped with such a device as a blender or a home processor with the “blender” function. So now - to rush to the hardware store urgently or refuse a delicious vitamin cocktail at all? No and no! In any house there are such items as grater, meat grinder, sieve, fork, whisk. Some of this must be in the kitchen. And these items may well come in handy when making smoothies without a blender. The process of creating a cocktail will turn out to be more laborious, but simple. So let's get started.